Internships for Spring/Summer 2018 with Food Systems Project

We are seeking interns for the positions described below. To apply, visit:

If you have any questions, contact us at or 517-999-2894.

Youth Nutrition Education Intern, unpaid
This internship will have you primarily working in a direct education setting, supporting Kindergarten through Sixth Grade students who participate in our classroom lessons, after-school program and summer program.

Key Responsibilities:
Assist in facilitating the “Garden Club” in-class and after-school nutrition education programs
Collaborate with staff to develop, adapt, and implement lessons and recipes using pre-approved curriculum
Lead groups of students in cooking healthy recipes, participating in taste-testing activities and hands-on botanical experiments
Facilitate food sampling and recipe tastings at outreach or parent engagement events
Other duties and tasks as assigned


Urban Agriculture Garden Intern, unpaid
Garden Interns will work in our four school gardens, supporting the maintenance and management of their production and other garden-related program efforts. This position contains many independently-completed tasks in our gardens, so scheduling is flexible.

Key Responsibilities:
Assist in school garden and greenhouse management and maintenance, through tasks such as watering, weeding, seeding, and transplanting
Harvest of garden produce and support in distribution of produce
Assist facilitation and coordination of garden workshops
Shift-lead volunteer sessions and open garden hours
Lead groups of students in hands-on botanical experiments
Other duties and tasks as assigned


Communications and Outreach Intern, unpaid
This internship will have you promoting program efforts through social media, community contacts, newsletters, canvassing and other outreach strategies. This position contains many independently-completed tasks, so scheduling is flexible, and some of the work may be done remotely.

Key Responsibilities:
Develop parent engagement strategies and prepare materials for distribution to youth and families
Document program activities through social media
Promote workshops and other programming through social media, website, community contacts, and newsletter contact lists
Create a bimonthly newsletter with seasonal content
Outreach to neighborhoods surrounding school communities through canvassing
Other duties and tasks as assigned

Time Commitment and Scheduling:
These positions will require a commitment of 5 – 15 hours per week. We are flexible when working with school and work schedules within the framework of programming hours. Please contact our office directly for more details regarding scheduling.

These internships are a good fit for people who are:
Enthusiastic about learning or teaching
Passionate about improving access to and knowledge of healthy foods and lifestyles
Looking to learn about gardening or cooking and nutrition, or gain experience working with children and a diverse population
Able to set a positive example for youth

To apply, visit:

All qualified applicants shall receive consideration for employment without regards to race, color, religion, height, weight, marital states, sex, age, handicap, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender preference.