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The Food Systems Project works to increase residents’ access to healthy, affordable food while educating residents about ways to eat healthy.

Garden-Based Nutrition Education

The Food Systems Project offers a school garden based nutrition education program that partners with four Lansing schools to provide quality, effective nutrition education programming for elementary aged  students (5-12 years old). Our program offers several components: in-school classroom lessons, an after-school garden club, a summer garden camp program, and community-based food sampling. These three programs reach over 1,000 students in grades K-6,  working to promote healthy habits and increase student’s consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables!

We partner with four Lansing schools: Riddle Elementary, Willow Elementary, Gier Park School and Sheridan Road School. Each partner school has a garden which is used as an educational tool to teach students about growing, harvesting and preparing healthy, nutritious food! Students are engaged in the school gardens in many ways, participating in every step from choosing what to grow and preparing the soil, to harvesting, cooking, and eating the food. We visit over 40 classrooms for 1 hour visits each month.

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Our Program Activities:

Classroom Lessons

We visit every classroom in our four partner schools monthly, engaging the students in hands-on cooking lessons, nutrition education, and seasonal garden activities.

Community-based Food Sampling

Twice a month, our program provides samples of delicious, accessible recipes to people attending NorthWest Initiative’s Fresh Food Distribution. Come visit us and sample some food on the first and third Thursdays every month from noon to 2 pm in Litten Hall, in our building – 510 W. Ottawa.

After-School Garden Club

During the school year, we offer after-school Garden Clubs to students at three of our partner schools (Willow, Sheridan Road and Riddle). To enroll your child, fill out this online form, or contact our program manager, Stephanie via email or phone: 517-999-2894.

Summer Garden Club

We provide weekly Summer Garden Clubs to children enrolled at the Letts and Gier Community Center Summer Camps.

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Register your child for After School Garden Club

Students who attend Willow Elementary, Riddle Elementary and Sheridan Road STEM are eligible to enroll in our weekly after school garden clubs. To register your child, fill out this online form. To get a paper copy of the form, email or call 517-999-2894 and ask for Stephanie.

Volunteer or Intern with our Programs

We have lots of opportunities to volunteer and intern in our programs – in the classrooms and after-school clubs, in the gardens, at community events and more. If you’re interested in getting involved, fill out the appropriate form below:

2017-18 Volunteer Interest Form

2017-18 Intern Application

If you need a paper copy of the form, or have any questions, email or call 517-999-2894 and ask for Stephanie.