A healthy community starts with healthy residents but not every neighbor has access to healthy food options, healthcare, shelter, clothing . . . or even a home.

We can help!

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(517) 999-2894 / M-F 8 am-4pm
Call for appointments and an updated list of programs*
510 W. Ottawa St., 2nd floor, Lansing, MI 48933
*Note: NWI will conduct an initial needs assessment to identify programs for which you and your family are eligible.

NorthWest Initiative was founded in 2000 to improve the overall health of residents of the north and west sides of Lansing. Our dedicated staff members provide a range of services, information and referrals to individuals with a wide range of needs including access to health care, produce, transportation, and housing.

NWI Outreach provides health and wellness services for the community.  We serve Cherry Hill, Downtown, Renaissance, Westside, Genesee, Old Oakland, Old Forest and Walnut neighborhoods. NWI outreach also leads community improvement and advocacy initiatives on issues of concern to residents.

Outreach services include:

  • Emergency Bread distribution every Thursdays, 11pm to 1pm at NorthWest Initiative.  You are eligible if:
    • 1. you reside in the following zip codes: 48915, 48917, 48933, 48906
    • 2. A participant in USDA income-base programs (e.g., WIC, CSFP, Bridge Card)
    • 3. In a house where the income is at or below the posted federal poverty level (call to ask if you are not sure)
    • 4. In need of emergency food
  • We help enroll residents for many types of services: Food Stamps (MiBridges), Ingham Health Plans, MIChild, Plan First, Medicaid, and other programs.
  • Coordination with services provided by NWI’s re-entry program, ARRO.
  • Referrals for: Clothing, shelter, transportation, mental health and substance abuse treatment services for which you are eligible.
  • Emergency clothing offered, 1 outfit per person every 30 days (or until clothes run out)
  • Community improvement projects and volunteer opportunities
  • Workshops and educational programs (gardening workshop, cooking class, sewing & knitting classes, money management, nutrition education, and many more)
  • Mobile Farmers Market from July through September. Locations updated yearly.